Engineering Your Next Move System

Engineers use systems for almost everything as systems help create a predictable and repeatable result. 
It’s no secret that a well prepared and marketed home sells faster and for more money.  That’s why I dedicate 20% of my estimated commission to professionally prepare and market your home to attract the best buyers.  
How Does It Work?

  1. Hire me to represent you in the sale of your home
  2. An estimated selling price is determined
  3. 20% of the commission, based on the estimated selling price, is budgeted to professionally prepare and market your home.  
It all starts with an in home consultation with a home staging professional and myself.  From this consultation, we determine what actions will have the greatest impact to make your home pop and attract the right buyer.  It may be determined that the budget be spent on the esthetics of the home or to resolve a known issue with the home that may turn away a potential buyer or focus more on the marketing activities.  Whatever your home needs the most is what we will do with our budget.
When a buyer has to make assumptions for anything, they will assume the worst-case scenario, making them less likely to want to make an offer or pay a higher price.  In addition to making your home esthetically appealing to a buyer, we must also identify the questions and concerns that a buyer would have before they are ready to make an offer.  This is an extremely important step in preparing a home and the importance of this step should not be underestimated.  

My marketing system is based on the idea that the home should first be prepared to look its best, then be professionally photographed and use those photos to produce high quality online and offline marketing materials to attract the right buyers for your home.  My marketing system is designed to attract qualified buyers to your home and make sure that they are not disappointed when they come to see it and provide them with all the relevant information that they need about the home to make a buying decision with confidence.  

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